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Welcome to Aexea Capital

Aexea Capital is an entrepreneurial investment firm seeking to acquire, operate, and invest in blue-collar SMEs in the UK and the US.

Aexea provides various forms of capital investments, such as financial, human, intellectual, technological, and experiential, to drive transformative growth for SMEs.

Aexea serves as an umbrella entity, holding a diversified portfolio of businesses across the manufacturing, home care, e-commerce and other sectors, leveraging collective strengths to synergise and innovate across these diverse industries.

“We’d be OK if your business has been down recently. We love investing in special situations!”
Marek Niedzwiedz, Your Chief Future Officer.



From time to time, I come across small business owners that do not understand their financial statements. Moreover, they use the wrong words to describe the fundamental economic situation in the business. Let

Economists foresee a recession and changes in industry structure. What’s needed is a far-reaching action. Companies are entering a time of high uncertainty. Business as usual and hoping for the best won’t be

Companies adjust net income (net profit) in numerous ways to determine net cash provided by operating activities under the method called INDIRECT. A helpful starting point is understanding why net income must be

Were Insolvency Practitioners wrongly (and possibly unlawfully) instructed to put the £2mln revenue company into administration? Another bad press about this industry in the UK. On the 21st of July 2022, Marek Niedzwiedz

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