Business Turnaround

Business Turnaround X4.0 Framework™️ is a business operating system. It is a set of principles and processes to turn around a business at the first stage and drive its growth afterwards. It is a company’s unique way of doing things – how it operates, cares about its cash flow, goes to market, produces and deals with its customers. This framework is not just limited to struggling businesses, as turnaround opportunities exist in almost every organisation.
Turnaround X4.0 Framework™️ also considers and addresses the current challenges, trends and shifts such as sustainability, diversity, and more.

Small business owners usually have excellent practical and industry knowledge. However, they often do not apply academic knowledge such as finance, management, marketing, organisational behaviour and many more. Lack of it in the organisation may lead to wrong-decision making, missing opportunities, self-deception or confirmation bias. Small business owners, especially nowadays, may lack future trend knowledge in the economy or society.

Turnaround X4.0 Framework™️ is the answer to the above maladies.