Deal Flow

Are you looking for more business in the UK?

Try the old-school Direct Mail Marketing tool – it still works!

Send letters to your prospective clients.

How does it work?

You only pick your industry and send us your marketing letter (in pdf). That’s it!

You can find your potential industry (SIC Code) at this link (click on).

We obtain the details of businesses in your industry. We address & print your letters. We envelop & send your letters.

After all, you receive our confirmation and spreadsheeted details of businesses the letters have been sent to (see an example here).

The cost (investment!) is only £1 (excl. vat) per 2nd class letter or £1.30 (excl. vat) per 1st class letter.

Fill in the form below to start working with us or contact us here.


1. How do you personalise the letters? 
We do not personalise. Why? We used to do that in the past, and it was taking a lot of our time. Now, we send a bulk of letters spending 1-2 hours max on sending even thousands of letters every month. We prefer to focus on speaking to the vendors and meeting them rather than on personalising the letters and doing deep research. Our theory (and dozens of other investors we spoke to) is that the motivated seller will open the letter and call you regardless.

2. How do you address the letters?
Private and Confidential.
Director of ABCD Ltd.
Full address.

We advise to start the letter saying:
Dear Business Owner
I am sorry, I do not know your name…

3. What kind of paper do you send the letters out on?
A4, white 90gsm premium treated stock, and generic white window envelopes.

4. How quickly will you send my letters?
Once everything is agreed on the phone and you paid the service (you will receive a proforma invoice), the letters will be sent out over the next 2 working days.
The recipient will get it 1-3 working days afterwards, depending on whether you chose 1st or 2nd class letter.

5. How the letter should look like? 
Please leave blank the left upper corner as shown on the instruction below: