Marek Niedzwiedz

Marek Niedzwiedz – Founder & CEO of aeXea Capital

Marek Niedzwiedz - aeXea Capital

? International Entrepreneur & Investor For 2 Decades
? Forbes Business Council Official Member
? Turnaround X4.0-Framework™️ Creator
?️ Ex-military
❣️ Elvis Fan

Marek provides private investment, commercial expertise, and hands-on support to transform and grow family-owned businesses; in the UK, the US, Poland and beyond. He develops businesses through financial leadership, capital injection, financial engineering, M&A or stock exchange markets. Marek mainly operates in Manufacturing industries.

Marek is also an SME turnaround investor – acquires, invests in & saves underperforming businesses prior to Administration or Receivership. He loves investing in special situations! Creator of Turnaround X4.0-Framework™️ – a business operating system not just limited to struggling companies.

Marek’s educational background is in Managerial Finance, Financial Analysis, and M&A. Currently is also doing MBA in Finance & Sustainability. His professional background is being an (international) entrepreneur and investor, which also gives him a broad spectrum of skills in Management, Operations, Sales, HR and more. Marek has begun his professional career in the military, however. Since he left in 2003, he has started, acquired, exited, or has been involved in a number of businesses in various industries.